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  • Aluminium Form WorkFormwork and false work are temporary essential for the construction of cast-in-situ permanent.
  • Suspended CeilingSK Engineering is having 40 numbers of permanent wooden Structure for taking training and testing.
  • Plumbing Pipe FittingWe educate to understand and details interpretation in the drawings, work procedure, dimensions of fittings, installation,
  • Electrical Pipe FittingThis trade contain Two parts in practical section. Installation of PVC Trucking & Circuit performance.
  • Water ProofingGeneral knowledge of water proofing and application principle is thought here.
  • Steel ReinforcementEducate to understand the drawings, Quantity of rebar, Quality of bent bars, tying of rebar, placement of components, Dimensions.
Aluminium Form Work1 Suspended Ceiling2 Plumbing Pipe Fitting3 Electrical Pipe Fitting4 Water Proofing5 Steel Reinforcement6
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Suspended Ceiling Installation

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Source : SK having 10 numbers of permanent wooden Structure for taking training and testing.
Education : We need education those who are completed up to 10th Standard (or) able to read English with mathematical knowledge.

Skill Operation

Practical Operation

  • Educate the trainee to read the drawing and cross sectional details.
  • Operate the drilling according to the drawing layout.
  • Practice the trainee in cut & fixing wall angels, main tee and cross tee for 45 angels, 90 angles.
  • Practise the fastness (rivets) with main cross tee and wall angles.
  • Laying the ceiling boats for correct level, plumb, squarness, stability, gap etc.
  • .Install the diffuser and lighting in the ceiling in correct manner. .

Theoretical Operation

  • Knowledge of various types of ceiling system.
  • Importance of each ceiling system.
  • Able to calculate the quantities of ceiling boards, main tee, cross tee, corner angels and hangers.